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Renew yourself with our Stress Management Retreat in Costa Rica Paradise

Make a lifestyle reset and become the better version of yourself

High levels of stress are a well-known factor that can lower your immune system making you more prone to get sick. This Stress Management Retreat will boost your already depressed immune system by getting rid of all the stress and anxiety caused by the news and the COVID-19 lockdown. We’ll help you achieve peace and inner balance in contact with a natural paradise, away from the hustle of city life.

Transform your life, improve your mental health and take control of yourself.

Stress Management Retreat

Let yourself get the rest you deserve

A total life transformation due to your improved health and mastering other areas of your life.

Is this retreat for me?

This Stress Management Retreat aims to help you make positive lifestyle changes, freeing you from all the negative consequences that stress and anxiety have brought to your life. Allow yourself to feel better and achieve a more peaceful, meaningful, and happier life.

  • We will help you learn how to take time to work on yourself and take control of your emotions through exercise, pranayama and meditation in your daily routine.
  • Studies have found that a daily 13 minutes routine of meditation is enough to improve your attention and memory in 8 weeks.
  • According to the American Physiological Association, you can get a mood enhancement effect within 5 minutes of moderate exercise, helping you alleviate anxiety and depression.
  • We offer healing and relaxing activities to help you achieve your inner balance, such as acupuncture, horseback riding, hiking in Costa Rica rain forests, and more.
  • This is the perfect place to detox from the city hustle, stress, and anxiety and restore the healing energy that flows in your body.
  • This retreat will benefit you improve your mental health, allowing you to sleep better and feel rested throughout the day.
  • Getting enough sleep can help you lower the risk of suffering from diabetes and obesity. Studies show that sleep deprivation can disrupt the healthy daily fluctuations in hormones, such as appetite and appetite regulation hormones, cortisol, and insulin.
  • Excess stress can cause anxiety, depression and even affect your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to all types of diseases

What our guest Say?

I am soooooo happy, finally I get to 21 day of detox, to be sincere i thought it was going to be really difficult to achieve 21 days changing completely my spots and food habits. For my surprise was completely the opposite. At the beginning my stomach start to take all out, this process take my 3 days, after those 3 days i start to feel much better, start to feel more energy. Also after those 3 days i start to enjoy better my new workout. My body understand what i was doing. Passed the first 2 week I really feel different, my levels of energy where much higher. At that moment i tell my coach that i want to train a little harder and she change my training routine a little bit, only with that little change a start to see serious transportation in my body. I really appreciate her companionship during all this process because she told my what i can improve and what i need to change about everything from sleeping habit passing true food recipes in to the training . She gave me a lot of really cool recipes to make at home, and also the challenges where really nice. She totally chance my way of choosing what i put in to my body and how to train without injuring my body Thank a lot Catalina.
Pablo Moreno

Having an excess of sugar and carbohydrates in your diet can cause imbalanced neurotransmitter levels, leading to stress and anxiety.

Our Stress Management Retreat’s meal plan based on Primal by Mark Sissons and Dr. Kim will make you feel renewed. This delicious food is natural and free of pesticides, hormones, chemicals, and sugar. You will get the detox your body is asking for.

According to doctors and researchers in the John Hopkins hospital, there is a tight connection between our brain and guts. In fact, the guts are even referred to as our second brain. Disruption in this system can cause diseases and even lead back to stress and anxiety. We integrate our meal plans with probiotics to restore and maintain balance in our guts while promoting the proper absorption of nutrients and boost your immune system. Keeping harmful bacteria under control and preventing diseases.

costa rica wellness retreat-food4
costa rica wellness retreat-food

Detox yourself from stress and anxiety in the best settings Costa Rica has to offer.

The Results

While each person’s physiology, metabolism, and general health is different, our guests can expect results such as:

  • Reconnection with your inner self while gaining control over your emotions and mental clarity.
  • Improve your energy, physical performance, and productivity by the release of stress.
  • You will begin to get better quality sleep alongside a peaceful mindset.
  • Healthy dietary changes can restore balance in your body, detox, reduce inflammation, and make you feel good again from the inside out.
  • Get rid of food anxiety.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a healthy body and mind. Skin without blemishes, ease your intestinal and metabolic disorders, improved blood pressure, lipid profile, and more.
  • Learn tools to manage and balance your stress

This Stress Management Retreat aims to help you make positive healthy lifestyle changes which will require dedication, commitment, and time.

What our guest Say?

"Had a wonderful and life altering experience. The people, the space, the facility, the food etc were exceptional....it was so very conducive to a completely rejuvenating and restorative experience. I lost 16 pounds in 2 weeks and gain health, confidence and a sense of self-worth through the personal discovery journey. THANKS to all the wonderful people from the Wellness Costa Rica Retreat".
Richard Walters A.


Stress Management Retreat


This  All Inclusive Retreat is designed to promote weight loss, health and wellness. Ideal for solo, couple or group vacations. It will transform your body completely. 

  • 6 nights - 7 days accommodation
  • 3 daily Primal nutritionally dense meals and snacks designed to nourish & detoxify you during the retreat
  • Fresh water, tea & organic coffee
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 5 Daily Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama classes with our Certified Teacher: begginers, intermediate and high level options
  • 2 hiit training-coaching Sessions with our Certified Health Coach
  • Two 60 minutes masage
  • 1 Session with Dr.Kim Ok Gwan. Master of acupuncture and oriental medicine.
  • 1 Aqua Yoga session
  • 1 full body Mobility training
  • Transportation to and from Liberia airport (Daniel Oduber Quirós)



Nestled in nature with no distractions, our villas provides the perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals during your retreat program.



Villa Encantada

Ask to apply 20% off

To come from July the 20 to August the 31 (chose from 1 week to 6)

Villa Rana

Ask to apply 20% off

To come from July the 20 to August the 31 (chose from 1 week to 6)

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