My sister and I both did the surf and yoga retreat. There is nothing better than exploring new hobbies and new experiences. The service and people went the extra mile to make sure we both felt comfortable yet challenged. My expectations were exceeded, food was amazing, and the lessons were unforgettable. I am not really the healthy type but I can now say, I am able to eat both healthy and yummy at the same time. I recommend this type of retreat to anyone out there wanting to try new things and come to one with nature.


Heigold Kristine

I am soooooo happy, finally I get to 21 day of detox, to be sincere i thought it was going to be really difficult to achieve 21 days changing completely my spots and food habits. For my surprise was completely the opposite.
At the beginning my stomach start to take all out, this process take my 3 days, after those 3 days i start to feel much better, start to feel more energy. Also after those 3 days i start to enjoy better my new workout. My body understand what i was doing. Passed the first 2 week I really feel different, my levels of energy where much higher. At that moment i tell my coach that i want to train a little harder and she change my training routine a little bit, only with that little change a start to see serious transportation in my body. I really appreciate her companionship during all this process because she told my what i can improve and what i need to change about everything from sleeping habit passing true food recipes in to the training .
She gave me a lot of really cool recipes to make at home, and also the challenges where really nice.
She totally chance my way of choosing what i put in to my body and how to train without injuring my body
Thank a lot Catalina.

Pablo Moreno

I came down from San Francisco to do the surf and yoga retreat with my sister and I can definitely say this experience has changed my lifestyle in many ways and created wonderful memories. The staff is incredibly welcoming and they make you feel comfortable for the whole time. This retreat is the perfect combination of fun, challenging, and healthy activities and foods. From the surfing lessons to the healthy foods this retreat has improved my lifestyle for the better.

Melanie Heigold


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