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The Digital Nomad Retreat is for you if you are working from home, without time to cook healthy-delicious meals, do workout as you will like to, practice yoga, meditation and breating thecniques that will help you to calm your mind and be able to focus and concentrate better.


High levels of stress are a well-known factor that can lower your immune system making you more prone to get sick. This Stress Management Retreat will boost your already depressed immune system by helping you to balance all the stress and anxiety caused by the news and the COVID-19 lockdown.

A total LIFESTYLE RESET IN PARADISE. Learn how to lose weight without counting calories or following an extreme exercise regimen. Our retreat is aimed to give you a new perspective. Break free from the common approach of exercise and diet while you enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle based on Primal.

Discover your inner self through this experience mixing yoga and surf, two disciplines that match perfectly together. In this Yoga and Surf Retreat in Costa Rica you will explore your adventurous side and learn or improve your surfing skills whereas meditating, relaxing, and stretching your muscles while practicing yoga poses in Costa Rica.

Perfect setting to calm the mind, return to nature and focus on your mental and physical health goals.

From Stress Managment,  Weight Loss, Surf and Yoga and our most new one for Digital Nomads, our Costa Rica Wellness Retreats are your perfect get away where the tropical jungle meets the crystal-clear waters.


Our main ingredient is LOVE, and we only use local, wild caught seafood, no dairy, no grains, no hydrogenated oils, free range chicken & eggs. Based in a hight Nutrient-dense foods diet low carb.

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Love from our guest

"It’s difficult to describe how wonderful this place is because you really have to experience it to fully understand. It was my third time for a “heal and reset”yoga retreat . This time I came with my brother and we were both amazed with the beauty of the place, the kindness of Cata, JuanCa, Doña Jetty and who is there is so kind and Cata is an amazing host, yoga instructor and coach.Now, let's talk about the incredible food. I’ve never had such incredible food, every meal, 3 times! I used to believe that eating healthy never could be tasty or enjoyable, boy I could not be more wrong!. The chef JuanCa is amazing and they showed us how to prepare our favorite meals. We returned home yesterday with a few extra pounds less, feeling great from the inside out and I am so glad that I was able to spend enough time there to incorporate new habits into my life style and the most important thing feeling great physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m already trying to schedule a time so I can return to this little slice of heaven"
Ericka Walters
Life Coach

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Gain physical endurance, shed unwanted pounds, boost metabolism, tone up and detoxify in an active, healthy and sustainable way.

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